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My aim is to become a traveler one day. I loved to travel and observed people around the world and loved to see different perspective of life around the world. Whenever I feel lost and desperate, I will travel alone either own country or other country. I feel very free and relax when I go travel.

There is a story I would like to share whereby when at a point of time I am depress. I travel alone to Cameron Highland. I see many different things and feel many different feelings. Such as feeling freedom and when I travel to Cameron Highland, see that the world is very big and my problem is actually very small and can be settle so long if I am persistent and keep moving forward. I also manage to have a short conversation with a taxi driver. While on the way to the Teh Boh plantation, we have a short chat with each other and he is a very friendly man.

I feel the peace within while a long the way of the traveling. I manage to isolate myself with others and keep peace within myself. Traveling is a most relaxing way that I feel I can see many things around me that I never see before such as the people across the road, the seller fruits on the road. Although they sell just a small things and they are just a small seller yet they can be so happy. I have so many necessary things but yet I feel that I lost something and feel the empty within. This is because I think it is my desire that I do not appreciate the things I have in my life. If I am contented with what I have and happy with my life than I will eventually happy along the way.

Conclusion, be happy with your life and live your life fully. Always remember that leave your life with meaningful and leave a memorable footprint in your life. Every month make a journal by telling yourself what you have learn along the way. Be happy and be healthy.




Love travel and discover human behavior.

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Love travel and discover human behavior.

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